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Frequently asked questions

How much does a session cost?
• A session costs $150. The session fee covers the cost of the session and the editing of the photos. Products and digitals are purchased separately.

What if my pet does not have any training?
• That's okay! While it can help if your pet knows basic commands such as sit, its definitely not required.

What if my pet can’t be off-leash?
• Don't worry, we can edit out the leash during the post work on your session.

My pet never sits still.  Can you still get a picture?
• Of course. We have several tried and true methods to get your pet's attention.

My pet has an all black coat, will they show up in pictures?
• Yup! We use several studio lights, so even pets with super dark coats will show up. We also offer several colors for backgrounds, so we can make your pet stand out.

What if my pet is really shy around new people?
• My overall goal for any session, aside from getting photos is to make sure your pet is comfortable and enjoying the session. We won't jump right into photos and will ease your pet into the equipment being used. If your pet is still uncomfortable, I can also take photos from further back, to give them the space they need.

Do I need to bring anything?
• We ask that you please bring at least your pets favorite toys and treats.
  • We will discuss any additional props needed during your booking emails.
How long is a session?
• Sessions are typically between 2-4 hours, depending on the shoot location. If your shoot is split between the studio and outdoors, it will be a longer session closer to the 4 hour mark then a strictly studio session.

Where will the session be located?
• Your session will either be located at our in home studio or at a location we've discussed before hand such as a park or even your house.

When can see my images?
• A second appointment will be scheduled for the viewing and ordering of any products. We ask that you allow at least 7 days between the session and the in person sales appointment. To allow us to give your photos the time and care they deserve.

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